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TIDA Powder Room of the Year 2023 by Jennie Dunlop

Jennie Dunlop’s Award Winning Solution to Transcend Space Constraints

Powder Rooms are always a significant design challenge. Naturally, small spaces require clever spatial awareness. Fortunately, that’s precisely the type of puzzle Dunlop Design excels at solving. Testament to her characteristic skill and ingenuity, Jennie Dunlop of Dunlop Design is delighted to have been recognised at the 2023 TIDA New Zealand awards. Winning the prestigious Powder Room of the Year 2023 category is an absolute delight.

Despite facing the challenges of a long and narrow space, Jennie’s innovative spatial design solutions have transformed this powder room into a captivating oasis. Let us explain how we went about it!

Creating Drama Through Functional Spatial Design Elements

One of the standout features of Dunlop Design’s award-winning design is the strategically recessed 1300mm wide and 60mm deep space. It was a daring move but Jennie wanted to not only maximizes functionality but also add an element of drama that captivates anyone stepping into the room. Consequently, by ingeniously incorporating this recessed area into the side wall, Jennie has created a truly unique experience.

Feature elements of the Powder Room include:

When designing this Powder Room, my objective was to create a space that would leave a lasting impression despite its size constraints. I wanted to challenge the notion that small spaces cannot be glamorous and captivating. Winning the prestigeous TIDA New Zealand Powder Room of the Year award affirms that I have achieved that goal. TIDA are the authority on NZ Interior Design, so I couldn’t be more thrilled.

TIDA Powder Room of the Year 2023 | Dunlop Design

Creating drama with bold marble

Powder room award TIDA 2023

A recessed of tiny mosaics creates drama

Striking Contrasts and Focal Points

Signature to the Dunlop Design approach, attention to detail is evident in the choice of materials. The dynamic play between tiny mosaic tiles on the back wall and the large format floor and wall tiles adds depth and visual interest to the powder room. However, the backlit pedestal basin and oval mirror truly steal the show. Undoubtedly, these strong focal points enhance the aesthetic appeal for any guest.  Adding a touch of elegance to the compact space was the Luce Ribbed Backlit Casabath pedestal from Artedomus. As always, Jennie Dunlop continually strives to redefine what is possible in designing powder rooms. Thus, her ability to overcome space limitations and transform them into opportunities for innovation is a key reason for Jennie’s reputation as a powder room Guru. Finding a balance of functional design elements, striking contrasts, and strong focal points in the powder room are the benchmarks of a visionary bathroom designer. And TIDA New Zealand Powder Room of the Year is a proof point of talent, especially when judged amid other excellent entries.
Jennie Dunlop | Dunlop Design | Headshot Photography by Good CX

Top Tips for Powder Room Design

“One top tip for creating a powder room is to maximize the use of mirrors and lighting to create an illusion of a larger and more spacious area. Mirrors can reflect light and create a sense of depth, making the powder room appear bigger than it actually is,” says Jennie. “Additionally, strategically placed lighting fixtures, such as wall sconces or overhead lights, can help illuminate the space. Consequently, this makes the space feel more open and inviting.” 

Implementing these techniques allows you to create a visually appealing and functional powder room, even in a small or tight space.

The 2023 Awards year is off to a great start for Dunlop Design.

Winning the Powder Room of the Year is a great honour for Jennie. Moreover, taking out the TIDA Highly Commended Bathroom Award 2023 was a lovely surprise off the back of being awarded TIDA New Zealand Design of the Year 2022. On top of this, Jennie also came Runner Up for the TIDA 2023 Master Bedroom Suite.

“I’m so grateful for TIDA New Zealand’s support. TIDAs acknowledgement of the dedication designers like myself put into creating exceptional designs. This award motivates me to continue pushing boundaries and delivering outstanding results for my clients.” says Jennie.

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