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Key Insights from Top NZ Spatial Designer: Making the Right Choice of Designer

"For me, it's about being flexible in working with my clients. I enjoy a challenge, and half the fun is often working within a budget to derive the best outcome. It's not about what I like, it's about the very unique and personal dream I'm bringing to life for my client." Jennie Dunlop

Decoding Spatial Design

Choosing a spatial designer is a critical decision in renovation or new build projects in NZ. Unlike interior designers, spatial designers ensure flow and livability while executing plans.

Spatial vs. Interior Designer?

Quite distinctly from Spatial Design, Interior design aims specifically at beautification. Therefore, its focus lies on aesthetics and style. However, spatial design centres on functionality and flow. While it’s definitely more involved, spatial design is critical if you are wanting to make the best use of your available space to create an exceptionally liveable environment. Furthermore, a good spatial designer will consider factors such as size, shape, flow, lighting and ventilation when creating plans for a room or entire house.

The Function of a Spatial Designer

NZ’s iconic spatial design expert, Jennie Dunlop, sheds light on a spatial designer’s role. “Spatial designers look at more than just interiors,” says Dunlop. Jennie explains that a spatial designer looks at wider aspects of how a space will be used. “We’re looking at all of the elements in the environment and how they work together, from layout to lighting, furniture and more,” she says. “Spatial designers are also focused on understanding user needs and providing solutions which create an enjoyable living experience.” In other words, it’s about creating a space that works for you.

Interior Design, A Different Take

For smaller projects where your room simply needs a makeover, the focus can shift to Interiors. At Dunlop Design, this is definitely a part of the job we love, where the finishing touches bring character to the space. Focused Interior designers concentrate more on colour palettes, textures and materials with the aim of creating a beautiful atmosphere. “Interior design is also about creating an atmosphere and setting the tone for how people will feel in the space,” says Jennie. After all, interior design is only one aspect of Jennie’s overall approach.

Choosing a Spatial Designer: 3 Top Tips

When looking for a spatial designer in New Zealand, remember the following:

1. Experience Matters: Check portfolios and ask about similar projects to gauge their expertise. Importantly, look out for your designer’s credentials. For example, at Dunlop Design, Jennie Dunlop holds an F.D.I.N.Z from the Designers Institute of New Zealand. Being a Fellow of the Institute shows the professionalism and commitment to the field of Design. Moreover, by looking for award winning work portfolios, you can have confidence your chosen designer has been recognised as a consummate professional within the design industry.

2. Communication is Key: Feeling chemistry with a designer is a must-have. So, make a shortlist to have a short initial exploratory call with. Choose a designer who can articulate ideas clearly in a way you understand. 

3. Vision Sync: Find a designer whose vision aligns with yours. A shared vision yields better results. Ensure your designer listens carefully to your brief and pays attention to your design preferences. Adding your input is important, even if that’s sharing some magazine clippings for inspiration.

Knowing your spatial and interior designer’s past work and experience is extremely important. So, take time to understand their design philosophy and clarify your project scope ahead of time.

Engage a Spatial Designer Early

If you’re planning a project whether it be a new build, rebuild or renovation, engage your spatial designer at the beginning in order to understand your ideas and allow collaboration between client, architect and designer.

Is your Spatial or Interior Designer ‘Getting’ Your Style?

First and foremost, a top spatial or interior designer must understand your style and create a space reflecting your personality and the NZ style of build. Look for someone willing to listen to your ideas and offer creative solutions. Ultimately, you have to live in your home, so you must put your mark on it. 

Top NZ Spatial Designer

Managing Design Disagreements with your designer

If you disagree with any design ideas, it’s important to push back. Good designers will heed your concerns and offer the best solution. Often, budget can be the biggest concern during a renovation, but funnily enough, a budget constraint can often mean challenging the original design brief in a good way. “Some of the best outcomes come from going back to the drawing board. It can really stimulate creativity. So, it’s great when a client is very honest about their budget or concerns, as it helps the project stay on track.” says Jennie.

Why a Spatial Designer Adds Value to your project and property

Professional interior designers create spaces which can add significant value to your property but also your lifestyle. Moreover, they ensure your home stays modern, attractive, and up to NZ building codes and regulations.

Ready to kickstart your project with a highly experienced spatial designer? Enlist top NZ spatial designer Jennie Dunlop to transform your dream home into a reality with over 40 years in the industry. Contact Dunlop Design.

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