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As a property developer, achieving consumer-appeal is crucial. As spatial designers, at Dunlop Design we’ve undertaken a variety of commercial projects. Our portfolio includes office fit-outs, restaurants/bars, holiday resorts, apartment blocks, and multi-housing developments. Jennie Dunlop’s focus is on creative spatial design and ensuring quality workmanship to satisfy the demands of today’s discerning buyers.

When it comes to rental properties, Jennie strives to offer a balance of function and style to tenants. Additionally, ensuring that landlords have access to durable and cost-effective materials and finishes that are easy to maintain.

One of the most important requirements for property developers is to achieve consumer-appeal.

commercial design services
commercial design services | Dunlop Design
queenstown commercial design services | Dunlop Design
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Property Development

At Dunlop Design, we’ve worked with numerous property developers, gaining extensive experience in commercial projects like office fit-outs, restaurants, bars, holiday resorts, and more. So, Jennie understands the importance of appealing to discerning buyers, and prioritizes creative design, quality workmanship, and functional yet stylish spaces. Whether you’re aiming to attract buyers or tenants, bringing your project to life would be a pleasure. 

Projects include: Belfast Terrace Queenstown & holiday homes at Musket Cove Island Resort Fiji

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